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Martin Froger

Berkeley, CA

Martin Froger is an impact driven filmmaker and photographer passionate about storytelling and inspiring people...

Diane Wesh

Virginia, Beach, VA

From an honest and authentic approach, Diane’s photography aims to represent minorities as the majority while revealing a refreshing perspective through the eyes of a solo-black-female-traveler...

Darius Nabors

Saint Joseph, MO

During his trip to visit all 59 US National Parks, Darius started taking 360 photos of the parks and posting them on Google Earth. Three years later those photos have over 17-million views...

Kara Kieffer

Seattle, WA

Kara is fueled by saying yes. They are drawn to chasing sunsets across mountain tops. They are learning to use their voice to tell the stories of everyday people who love to think outside...

Mike Brown

Houston, TX

Houston-native artist, photographer, and videographer, Mike Brown, has been living the #vanlife traveling cross-country all while capturing America’s iconic landscapes...

Eiryn Reynolds

Wilkesboro, NC

Eiryn Reynolds-pronounced ‘Erin’, grew up in the mountains of North Carolina. While she’s an avid traveler, she always seems to find her way back...