Seattle, WA

I am fueled by saying yes. I am drawn to chasing sunsets across mountain tops. I am learning to use my voice to tell the stories of everyday people who love to think outside. And above all, I strive to be a Swiss Army Knife creatively and athletically.

I have never been satisfied with pursuing just one thing where there is a great, wonderful world to play in. My outdoor exploits range from thru hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, to rock climbing by the ocean, to skiing volcanos, to running ultramarathons in the California desert. My creative range is no less multifaceted. I grew up the child of a photographer, spending summers in our family camper touring around the west and watching the work required to be a great photographer. As an adult I’ve written, filmed, and photographed for some of the biggest brands in the world. Now, I am looking to meld my professional skills and outdoor passions into a single pursuit.