Berkeley, CA

I’m an impact-driven filmmaker and photographer, passionate about storytelling and inspiring people. I grew up in Maryland, halfway between the big city and the rolling Appalachian mountains, where I learned how to pitch a tent, make a campfire, and leave no trace behind. I believe in the power of images to tell powerful stories that inspire people, and I produce short documentary-style films and photo stories on a variety of social issues.

When I’m not home in California baking or sharing stories driving social impact, I’m out practicing sustainable exploration, and sharing photos of my adventures in the wild. Recently, I’ve developed an interest in the connection between environmental rights and human rights, and seek to share stories that raise awareness about both issues, and their overlap.

As the son of two immigrants, my multi-ethnic background drives my everyday life. I love traveling, meeting new people, and discovering new foods and places. I’m always planning my next big adventure while searching for new and creative ways to tell human-focused stories.