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In addition to being roomy and lightweight, Sierra Designs tents have some tricks up their sleeves, like stargazer rainflies and porchable vestibule awnings.

Swift Clips

swift clips

Swift clips replace traditional pole sleeves to reduce weight and make setting up your tent a breeze. Once staked out, you can set up a tent in under 20 seconds. Seriously.

DAC Aluminum Poles

DAC Aluminum

We utilize DAC aluminum pole sets in our tents, to give you lightweight rigidity you can trust out on the trail.

Stargazer Fly


Tents with our stargazer fly feature let you roll up the fly and remain partially covered, so you can have unobstructed views of the night sky.

Burrito Bag


Our burrito bag allows you to put your tent away, even with a less than stellar roll. Simply drop your tent in, cinch the cord, and pull the compression straps. No more fighting with a stuff sack!

Porchable Awning


Tents with porchable awnings have a purpose-built vestibule panel, that when paired with trekking poles, allows you to guy out an awning for additional shade and ventilation.

Aluminum Foot


Sierra Designs tents feature an aluminum foot that pair with special ends on our pole sets. Once pressure is applied, the poles lock into place and resist popping out, to aid in stability and ease of setup.