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Cloud 800 / 20 Degree

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Sierra Designs Cloud 800 20, red and black with yellow stripe, fully closed

So light and so comfortable….it's like sleeping on a cloud.

'The Best Sleeping Bags and Pads of 2018 | Best For Backpacking'

“One of the best sleeping experiences of any bag we tested” – Backpacker Magazine
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Key Features

  • Patent pending zipperless design for more comfort
  • Oversized integrated comforter resemble all the comforts of your bed at home
  • Insulated shoulder pocket keeps comforter wrapped around you sealing out drafts
  • Patented self-sealing foot vent allows fast and easy ventilation
  • Sleeping pad sleeve keeps pad under you for comfort and warmth and replaces unnecessary bottom insulation
  • PFC-Free 800FP DriDown® and 15d nylon fabrics


  • Insulation: 800FP PFC-Free DriDown
  • Shell Fabric: 15d nylon risptop
  • Liner Fabric: 15d nylon risptop

Tech Specs


  • EN Limit Temp Rating: 15F / -10C
  • EN Comfort Temp Rating:  26F / -3C
  • Fill Weight: 14.8oz / 419g
  • Minimum Weight: 1lb 13oz / 0.82kg
  • Sleeping Pad Sleeve Circumference:  45.5" / 115.6 cm
  • Fits Sleeping Pad (WxH): 20" x 2.5" / 51 x 6.4 cm
  • Fits Up To: 6' 0" / 183 cm
  • Length: 78in / 198 cm
  • Shoulder Circumference: 60" / 152 cm
  • Hip Circumference: 58" / 147 cm
  • Footbox Circumference: 40" / 102 cm
  • Mesh Stoarge Bag Size (LxW): 20 x 12" / 51 x 31 cm
  • Stuff Sack Size (L x W): 15 x 7.5" / 38 x 19cm


  • EN Limit Temp Rating: 15F / -10C
  • EN Comfort Temp Rating:  26F / -3C
  • Fill Weight: 16.4oz / 465g
  • Minimum Weight: 2lbs 0oz / 0.90kg
  • Sleeping Pad Sleeve Circumference:  55.5" / 141 cm
  • Fits Sleeping Pad (WxH): 25" x 2.5" / 64 x 6.4 cm
  • Fits Up To: 6' 6" / 198 cm
  • Length: 84in / 213 cm
  • Shoulder Circumference: 62" / 157 cm
  • Hip Circumference: 60" / 152 cm
  • Footbox Circumference: 42" / 107 cm
  • Mesh Stoarge Bag Size (LxW): 20 x 12" / 51 x 31 cm
  • Stuff Sack Size (L x W): 15 x 7.5" / 38 x 19cm
Award Badge: Yes
Gender: Unisex
Insulation: DriDown
Temperature Rating: 20 Degree
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    1. Well made

      There is much to like about the Cloud sleeping bag: it's well made, it's light weight, it packs down to nothing, the sleeping pad sleeve works (the bag stays on the pad!), the zipperless design keeps you as snug as you want. I did have one important problem. It did not keep me warm w/o supplementing it w warm clothes. In some cases lots of additional clothes. I'm thin and 70 yo which is no doubt a factor. I used the 20 degree bag in the Rockies (8,500' to 10,500') in only low to middle 30's temperatures. It never got to or below freezing.
      on Sep 11th 2018

    2. Does not keep you warm

      Tried the cloud 20 out car camping (end of June so it was in the high 30's - low 40's overnight) near Mt Hood and froze my ass off. I used it with my winter sleeping pad (Exped downmat HL R value of 7.0) and wore my mid weight wool long sleeve and long pants with wool socks, a warm hat, and a polar neck buff. Still woke up freezing and had to put on my belay puffy, and extra pair of socks, and another layer of thinner wool long johns. Even after adding layers and getting up to pee I still kept waking up every couple hours because of the cold. Enough that I almost went to my car to turn the engine and run the heater. Everything about my set up was the same except the sleeping bag. I normally use my REI joule rated to 21F. I am still toasty warm winter camping on snow with my set up. Using my Nemo spoon shaped bag rated for 15F, half the time I don't even need to zip it all the way up and I'm not wear the long johns. There is no way I would take this into the backcountry. What a waste of money. on Jul 1st 2018

    3. Phenomenal!

      I had this bag out on multiple trips this year in all weather including snow. It's great to not feel confined. The only concern was when it got into the low 20's in upper Michigan I woke up a bit chilled. Other than that it's been perfect! on Jun 15th 2018

    4. Wrap up and stay warm!

      So I purchased the Cloud 800/20 degree sleeping bag because I was going to be doing some snow camping and my old down and synthetic bags were not going to be enough. You may be wondering, down sleeping bag for moist, coooooold conditions? Yes! I used this for two nights camping on snow and I had to strip down to nothing and sleep with the front flap cracked. Very warm and very comfortable without zippers, with the added ability to sneak your feet out on a moments notice, it was heaven.

      I paired it with a Thermarest Trail Pro, which stayed in place and fit perfectly inside the sleeping pad sleeve (something I took a gamble on). I'm a 6', 190lb male and the regular gave me plenty of room. For snow camping (ski mountaineering) I ended up stuffing a lot of stuff inside the bag with me and never once felt like I was running out of room/space.

      If you're worried about not having a zipper (like I was) put your qualms aside. I don't think I'll be buying a sleeping bag with zippers again. The front flap is easy to use and provides enough overlap to seal yourself in without any trouble, plus it's very comfortable. I never once felt cold air sneak in.

      The loft of the 800 fill is insanely fluffy and it packs down super small too, but expect it to take a couple mins to fluff back up what packed away tightly. I used my own compression stuff sack as the one that comes with the bag is small but doesn't have the straps to compress.

      Another reviewer mentioned that there's no insulation right underneath your back, this is true, but that area will always be covered by your sleeping pad and will always be squished flat rendered useless. It's a calculated method of shaving weight, Big Agnes has been doing it for years, to remove that extra insulation and I did not even notice it...sleeping on snow.

      This design is fairly progressive in the world of traditional mummy bags that haven't changed much in the last 200 years. Take a chance, you won't regret it.
      on May 22nd 2018

    5. Great design

      The Cloud 20 meets all of my expectations in looking for a lightweight, no-zip design. The extra comfort features in the foot box are an added bonus. on May 16th 2018

    6. Finally got one.

      I can only speak on the build quality for this bag. I have not yet used it outdoors. It seems to be built very well. I love the zipper less design and foot vent. It packs down really small. Ive had a Big Agnes bag for the last 5 years. Never really satisfied with it. It’s always frustrated me because the zipper would always get stuck. The cloud looks to solve those things. Plus the color is awesome. on May 10th 2018

    7. Pretty Comfortabe

      Light weight, Packs tight, I love the no zipper idea and the throw quilt portion of the bag. Very comfortable.

      To reach their weight goal they ditched all down insulation in a section of the back of the sleeping bag. This might not make much difference if you are using an insulated pad. However I wish that there was some sort of cushion there instead of just flat material. I was disappointed to see that this was not discussed previously. Be aware of this!

      Material is thin. Does not seem very durable and afraid it may rip easy.
      It is difficult to get in and out of. You have to kind of shimmy out and shimmy into it. Might be difficult for taller/wider people.

      DISCLAIMER: I have yet to camp with this bag. These are my initial thoughts

      on May 10th 2018

    8. Warm! Light! Freedom!

      The Cloud 800 / 20 is light and warm and doesn't make me feel trapped! I've been using a SD Backcountry Quilt most of the time, because it's super simple and easy. But I was looking for a bag that was a little more "snuggly" in colder, windier weather and didn't like the idea of being zipped into a mummy bag. Cloud has met the need. The shoulder-pocket thing is way easier to deal with than any zipper. It's more like the blanket at home, and does a blanket one better by being curved so that it naturally seals around the neck; and it all tucks in around me in a way that feels better than zipper bags, too. The Cloud definitely feels more like being "in" something than the BC-Quilt, and that's a compliment in breezy conditions. Yet I can still leap right out and chase raccoons away from the camp kitchen, which is awesome. (Not the raccoons. The ability to leap out.) Venting is as easy as folding down the "blanket" which I can do while mostly asleep, unlike when I have to fidget with a zipper in the dark. I'm 5'10" and average-ish build and it feels plenty roomy inside, though if I use the foot vent things do get a little tighter around the legs. I've never had a bag with a pad sleeve before and I liked how it helped keep everything aligned. But I also used the Cloud with an over-sized pad without the sleeve and that worked fine, too. Oh, and I made sure to use an insulated sleeping pad, since I've been using this 20-degree bag in cooler conditions, including the forests of the winter PNW where the DriDown got mildly tested and did just fine. So: Warm. Light. Not-zippered-in. Win. on Mar 12th 2018

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