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No matter what you’re carrying, our packs will “flex” to fit your needs, so you can worry about your hike, not your pack.

Flex Gusset

Flex gusset

The Flex gusset allows our packs to expand from 40-60 liters. This lets you pack the flex however you’d like, as the pack will always be the right size. Just use the 4 gusset straps to adjust size and volume, and you have a perfectly tailored pack to your current load.

Beyond Compression

Beyond Compression

Adjustable volume is more than just compression of a larger pack. With our Flex packs, the entire pack grows/shrinks in size and volume, instead of just being squished down. This allows you to adjust the size of the pack to your load to ensure a stable carry, rather than rely on compression to maintain shape. And if needed, there’s always the additional compression straps, too.

Y-Flex Suspension

y-flex suspension

A central aluminum hub and 3 separate stays allow our Y-Flex DAC suspension to comfortably carry any load. The Y-Flex adds lightweight support to the Flex Capacitor, and lets the lightweight bag hit above its weight class with comfortable carry.