Group of friends wearing Sierra Designs sleeping bags on their heads

Sleeping Bags

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From warm, summer nights under the stars to cold, winter storms in the snow, Sierra Designs sleeping bags are built with comfort, warmth and performance in mind for all seasons and styles of sleeping outside. Every bag starts with our high-loft down or synthetic insulation that we choose for its superior warmth, even in damp conditions. We then give our line of sleeping bags the features they need so you can ramp up the coziness when car camping, cut back on weight when thru hiking or dial in the best of both worlds when backpacking to your favorite zone. You’ll find proprietary designs, like zipperless construction and self-sealing foot vents, that make camping more comfortable; efficient materials to keep you effortlessly warm; and smart details for individual preferences so that you can get the best sleep, whether you’re bikepacking solo or cuddling as a couple.