Hiking Tank with Bra - 2015

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The support of a jog bra in a tank top designed for comfort under a pack.

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92% Polyester / 8% Spandex, Wicking Finish, Antimicrobial, UPF 40

Tech Specs

Center Back Length:
25 in. / 63.5 cm
Air Permeability:
150 CFM
5 oz. / 0.14 kg
Backcountry Edge:
Collection: Trailwear

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    1. so comfortable, had to buy 2 more

      I find it so comfortable, I've switched to sleeping in this top. It's nice to have support in your PJs without any uncomfortable binding or pinching. on Jul 5th 2016

    2. Very comfy

      Like the feel and fit of the fabric. Compares well to the Lucy brand. Great for yoga and hiking. I bought several colors. I tried the Medium but felt it was too tight, so went with the Large, which is still flattering on May 2nd 2016

    3. Customer Review

      I had an experience with this tank similar to what reviewer Jennifer mentioned below, but I'm a DDDD cup (I know, I do I even manage to do outdoor sports?!) No matter whether I leave the removable bra cups in or take them out of the tank, I get some weird bunching/sagging of the fabric in the bust area. I was afraid that the tank would be too small when I initially ordered it (I purchased the XL because I often find outdoor apparel tops in size L are just too small/snug in the bust), but it's actually quite the opposite. The problem is that the tank is not too big all over -- it's form-fitting through the torso, so I was afraid to exchange for the size L in fear that it would be too tight. Unfortunately, I think this tank is just not right for my body type (which, obviously, is not a typical one among outdoor athletes). Or perhaps there is some uneven manufacturing occurring. on Jul 27th 2015

    4. Customer Review

      I have two of these that I've been rotating for about a year, using them for cycling, hiking, travel, laying as street wear, etc. and they have really held up. The fabric still has its oomph and there are no loose threads. I like that the cut is long enough that I don't get belly pooch over the top of my pants. I am an A cup and feel like the cut is flattering with or without the bra pads, although I tend to only take them out for really hot weather and if I don't care about the extra volume. I love how the neckline isn't too low. This top is a home run and I would buy again. on Jul 19th 2015

    5. Customer Review

      This is in no way a functional hiking tank. It comes with ridiculous (large) removable bra pads which would do nothing but soak up sweat on the trail, but when you remove them, the bust area sags in a super unflattering way if you are a B cup or smaller. Actually, I just tried it on WITH the pads and the fabric still sags. I was really excited about this tank, but at the price I paid I am definitely returning it. At the very least, you could warn that this is not for A/B cups. The rest of the design is exactly what I wanted (straps and length are perfect) so this is extra disappointing. Women don't need push up bras in the backcountry, they just need a design that supports them the way they are. Fail. on Jul 17th 2015

    6. Customer Review

      Kudos to Sierra Design for designing something so needed for women who backpack. Backpacking with a uncomfortable bra strap rubbing under the backpack's shoulder harness can be painful, and it is quite difficult to find a bra that works for backpacking. When I saw this design I was very excited. However I was slightly disappointed when it arrived and I tried it on with my backpack. The fabric was great, the cut through the body was very comfortable, and the built in bra was sufficiently supportive, my biggest concern. The disappointment was that the tank sleeve was too narrow, and the U shaped neck was too low. These features were attractive, but not functional for backpacking. The shoulder straps of the backpack rubbed on the soft skin by my shoulder, and the U shaped scoop neck was below where the chest strap of the backpack comes across, leaving the chest strap's clip next to my skin. I really liked this shirt and the Sierra Design's concept, and was tempted to keep it just to wear, but decided to hold out for next year's design. If they come out with a new model that has a bit of a short sleeve to protect the shoulder and armpit area from the shoulder straps, and raise the scoop neck a little to protect the skin from the chest strap, I would buy several of these shirts. I gave it a 4 because it was almost perfect. on Jun 5th 2014

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