Backcountry Quilt 800 / 30 Degree

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The warmest, most versatile quilt ever built. A lightweight alternative to a sleeping bag, our Backcountry Quilt is extra long for more coverage and warmth.


Shell Material:
20D Nylon Ripstop
Liner Material:
20D Nylon Taffetta
800 Fill Duck DriDown

Tech Specs

EN Comfort Limit:
38oF / 3oC
EN Lower Limit:
28oF / -2oC
Fits To:
6 ft 4 in. / 193 cm
Fill Weight:
11 oz. / 0.31 kg
Trail Weight:
1 lbs 8 oz. / 0.68 kg
78 in. / 198 cm
56 in. / 142 cm
45 in. / 114 cm
40 in. / 102 cm
Zipper Side:
Stuff Sack Length:
14 in. / 36 cm
Stuff Sack Width:
7 in. / 18 cm
This item may be patented
Backcountry Edge:
Season: 2 Season
Gender: Unisex
Insulation: DriDown
Temperature Rating: 30 Degree
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    1. Time Tested

      I have had this quilt for three years now. I work in the mountains of northern New Mexico as a backpacking guide and every summer this is my go to quilt for every trip. With the venting options allowed by the quilt design it is comfortable in the lower country where it can be 50 degrees at night but once you close it up around you it it keeps me very comfortable at 30 degrees . After three years of hard continuous use every summer the quilt is still in great condition. With continued care and maintenance I think that I will still get many more years of comfort out of this quilt. on Oct 30th 2016

    2. I love this quilt!

      I've owned this bag for 9 months now and I've spent more than 40 nights in it. It's been to Virginia, Kentucky, Michigan, Utah, Washington, Oregon, California and finally Alaska with me. Since first using this quilt I've only traveled with a different sleeping bag once, when the temps were forecast around 0°F.

      I am a rather warm sleeper but I've used this bag with temps around 25-35°F many nights now. Around freezing with lightweight long underwear and socks on this bag is fine. I've added a light jacket at temps in the 20's.

      The only time it was insufficient was sleeping under the stars with the temp around the mid thirties and the wind picked up. This bag just does not stop the wind very well. But I slipped into my bivy and slept great.

      With the weight, stuff size and warmth I'm not sure why anyone would buy a regular bag for hiking with temps at 40 or above, 30 if you're a warm sleeper. This bag is just great. Combined with a lightweight bivy or ultralight tent really lightens your load.
      on Aug 27th 2016

    3. SD hit a homerun with the Backcountry Quilt 800!!

      This is my first quilt and I couldn't be more pleased. SD makes quality and innovative products and this 800 quilt is no exception. I recently used it for 10 days in Alaska for backpacking and paddling trip in late July, and found it comfortable, warm and very light. The size and design is obviously well thought out. We had night time temps ranging from upper 30s to upper 40s. I was initially reluctant to take the 800 quilt because it is so light compared to my summer down bag (nearly 1# savings) but when I put them side by side, this quilt had as much or more loft. That convinced me to go with it. The quilt quickly regained its loft each night when I pulled it out of the stuff sack. I am 6ft tall and it was so nice to have the freedom to stretch out at night just like in a bed, with enough quilt to tuck under me when needed and the extra length allowed me to make sure I had enough quilt on my shoulders on the coolest nights. I think this quilt really hits a great sweet spot for design, size, price, weight and temp comfort rating, and I would definitely go with this 800 quilt over the 600 quilt which is nearly 1/2# heavier and temp rated 5 degree higher. Way to go Sierra Designs! Now I have two friends trying to find the 800 quilt in stock so they can get one too. on Aug 2nd 2016

    4. Customer Review

      This was my first quilt and I'm shocked to discover that I love it! Coming from a mummy bag, the ability to move freely means allot! I've been plenty warm on several cool summer nights as we traverse the paths of North Idaho. The hand pockets are great and the footbox is substantial. I've yet to have it roll off of me! on Jul 15th 2015

    5. Customer Review

      This quilt is an awesome companion to my hammocking adventures. I used it in temperatures ranging from 42 degrees up to 75 degrees. The faux mummy hood is really helpful when the summer temperatures drop here in Minnesota and you need a little extra something to stay warm. The footbox is really great too. If you hammock and you are looking for a great quilt that is lightweight and will keep you warm, look no further. on Jun 29th 2015

    6. Customer Review

      I love this quilt, it's probably one of my favorite pieces of equipment. I use it in a tent, a bivy, a gathered end hammock, a bridge hammock and at home on the couch. The quilt is super versatile and can be used in many different configurations. What is not evident is how big the quilt is, you can easily wrap yourself up like a burrito. The integrated hood is genius as are the corner hand pockets. I mostly backpack in the High Sierra mountain range at elevations 9'000 - 11'000, I love that the quilt is not bulky and is super light. I pair this with either a 1" foam mat or 2 1/2" inflatable mat, both are extremely comfortable. If it gets really cold then I wear my down jacket. No more struggling with zippers or trying to get in and out of a bag in a hammock. The best part is being able to use it at home like a regular comforter or throw. This is definitely one of my best gear investments. on Mar 1st 2015

    7. Customer Review

      I've been making fun of these camping quilts for years. Most quilt designs seemed peculiarly awkward, either trading all sense of comfort for extreme minimalism, or adding weird complexity to a supposedly simple concept. But I did finally realize that most of the time I was using my mummy-style bag the way the a quilt is designed to work: I'd lay on my pad with my feet inside the footbox, the rest of the bag over me like a blanket. Then, intrigued by the odd design, I decided to try the Backcountry Quilt to see if it offered any advantages. I've used the BC Quilt for a couple dozen nights throughout the summer and fall, from cool desert nights to monsoon season excursions to chilly alpine camps. Was it an improvement? I have to say: Yes. The odd shape, hand pockets and minimalistic hood all do the job and I've stayed warm at frosty temperatures, wearing a base layer inside. At warmer temps, it's been easy to vent heat. And the dri-down seemed to hold its loft well when riverside condensation got the better of a single-wall tent. So that's all good. But what I didn't expect was how COMFORTABLE the design is. And how FUSS-FREE, too. There are no zippers or drawstrings to sleep on or deal with -- or to wear out. The footbox is generous and the right depth to let tired knees flex. And the "blanket" part is generously wide and easy to get snuggled under -- with plenty of room for both me and a Jack Russell Terrier -- and it doesn't matter if I sleep on my side, back or stomach. With my mummy bag, I've always had to work a bit to keep the "blanket" tucked properly around me -- or at colder temperatures, I'd have to zip-up. But the cut of the BC Quilt's blanket edges work to tuck themselves under, with pretty much no thought or fidgeting -- and I have yet to feel the "need" to zip-up. Plus the hood is super easy to use and warm. Conclusion: This seemly simple quilt is actually very cleverly designed and works extremely well. Sure, there will be times when I'll opt for the minimalism of my ultralight mummy bag. But the rest of the time I'll be happy to pay the 5 oz penalty for a much more comfortable night's sleep in the BC Quilt. on Dec 12th 2014

    8. Customer Review

      Absolutely love this bag! It is the perfect option for summer backpacking. Ridiculously light ,small, and comfortable, I don't think I'll ever go back to a traditional bag for summer use. The quilt/blanket design really opens up the more natural sleeping options and eases cooling down during the warmer nights and the hidden hood makes it easy to keep warm on the cooler ones. By far the favorite piece of gear I've gotten this year. on Oct 18th 2014

    9. Customer Review

      My girlfriend, who is borderline hypothermic at all times, says that this is the best thing I've ever bought her. It is super light, and very well made of excellent materials. It is a suitable, and much more comfortable, replacement for any traditional sleeping bag, and does so much more. It packs into a ridiculously small stuff sack. Not only do we use ours to sleep while camping, but she also wraps it around herself sitting in camp. It is also in constant use in our apartment while she uses the computer or lays on the couch. You can get sooo much more use out of it than a mere sleeping bag. Also, the hood is perfectly designed, super warm and comfortable. on Oct 9th 2014

    10. Customer Review

      Finally got a chance to use my Backcountry Quilt on an over-nighter this past weekend and was giddy. It's my first quilt of any kind and I couldn't believe how much coverage and function it offered, not to mention comfort. Temps got down to about 40 degrees F, I used the Quilt with an insulating sleeping pad, and slept wearing my base-layer pants and shirt and I was plenty warm. It was like sleeping in a bed at home with a blanket over me that I could roll around under and tuck-in here and there as needed. I never felt drafty or had any cold spots. It also served as a great blanket for around camp at breakfast time. I couldn't be happier. on Jun 8th 2014

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