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Backcountry Bed 800 / 15 Degree

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Sleep in the wild like you do at home, with a comforter. With an oversized, integrated comforter sealing the opening, you can sleep comfortably and naturally on your back, side, or stomach.


Shell Material:
20D Nylon Ripstop
Liner Material:
20D Nylon Taffetta
800 Fill Duck DriDown

Tech Specs

EN Comfort Limit:
31oF / -1oC
EN Lower Limit:
20oF / -7oC
Fits To:
Men's Regular: 6 ft / 182 cm
Men's Long: 6 ft 6 in. / 198 cm
Fill Weight:
Men's Regular: 20 oz. / 0.57 kg
Men's Long: 22.1 oz. / 0.63 kg
Trail Weight:
Men's Regular: 2 lbs 8 oz. / 1.13 kg
Men's Long: 2 lbs 11 oz. / 1.22 kg
Men's Regular: 80 in. / 203 cm
Men's Long: 86 in. / 218 cm
Men's Regular: 61 in. / 155 cm
Men's Long: 65 in. / 165 cm
Men's Regular: 60 in. / 152 cm
Men's Long: 64 in. / 163 cm
Men's Regular: 42 in. / 107 cm
Men's Long: 44 in. / 112 cm
Sleeping Pad Sleeve Width:
Men's Regular: 20 in. / 51 cm
Men's Long: 25 in. / 64 cm
Zipper Side:
Stuff Sack Length:
Men's Regular: 15 in. / 38 cm
Men's Long: 15 in. / 38 cm
Stuff Sack Width:
Men's Regular: 8 in. / 20 cm
Men's Long: 8 in. / 20 cm
Pad Thickness:
Men's Regular: 20 in. x 2-2.5 in.
Men's Long: 25 in. x 2-2.5 in.
This item may be patented
Backcountry Edge:
Season: 3 Season
Gender: Male
Insulation: DriDown
Temperature Rating: 15 Degree
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    1. Great bag! Best bag I have every had!

      I have had my bag for almost two years now and I have waited too long to write a review, but in that time I have had the opportunity to really use it.

      I first got it about twenty days into my seventy day trek to Canada because I was so frustrated with my down bag. I realized how important it was to be comfortable when you sleep in the same bag and on a pad that many days. For me a sleeping pad is the most important comfortable piece of equipment I have, followed closely by a sleeping bag. If you don't sleep well it affects your whole day physically and psychologically. For a weekend or few days backpack, it might not be as important, but after weeks and weeks you really appreciate a good piece of equipment.

      I had a nice down bag but I found myself slipping off of it and I could never get the right temperature without having cold spots along the zipper. Laying in a bag it is also hard to keep warm if you are reading with your arm sticking out the side or top. The BCB has a sleep pad sleeve that accommodates my 25" pad, and it felt great to stay right on the pad. I can comfortably stick my arm out the side to hold a book or tablet and keep the heat in by tucking the comforter around my arm. I sleep with a down quilt at home, and this felt just as comfortable.

      I am a side sleeper and with the comforter style blanket it allows you to sleep on your side and still have that comforter wrapped around your shoulders without the cold spots. If I get hot, I just lower the comforter around my shoulders or stick my feet out through the opening at the bottom.

      I found it so comfortable, that the few times I end up in a hotel, I used it either on top of the bed, or even on the floor because after so many days sleeping it it, it felt like my comforter at home.

      I have an inflatable pillow and it slips right into the pillow pocket area and doesn't move around like with my old down bag.

      I have had it in temperatures into the twenties and it has kept me warm. With a good liner it is good into the teens, or I just wear warmer clothes because it is so comfortable for me that I hate to sleep without it. I have two other great zero degree bags but I'd rather sleep with the BCB.

      When my wife saw it and tried it in the store and she thought it was the best bag in world. I have to admit, when I first saw it I thought it was just a new gimmick bag. But, after trying it, and now having had it for almost two years, the BCB has been the best and most comfortable sleeping bag I have every had.
      on Nov 2nd 2016

    2. Designed by geniuses

      My life is now zipper free! on Aug 12th 2016

    3. Very versatile great sleeping bag

      I have used this sleeping bag for several hundred miles in wet, cold, hot and humid and every weather in between and I can not say enough good things. Having the comforter means I can regulate the temperature very easy so I'm always comfortable. I had one minor difficulty with a rip but customer service fixed it with no problems at all and went above and beyond. on Jul 20th 2016

    4. Really good sleeping bag

      Always had a problem sleeping in regular sleeping bags as I¨m moslty a stomach sleeper. I like to sleep with my hands under my head, though normal bags are to narrow for that. Used to wake up several times during the night as one or both mye arms were numb. With the Backcountry Bed I sleep most of the night and no wakeups due to numb arms. Bag is great for adsjusting temperature and I do it automaticly when I sleep since its simular to how I sleep at home. Maybe I'll get the 850 elite as well foruse in the summer. on Jun 12th 2016

    5. Customer Review

      I would have to say this is the best sleeping bag ever. I have slept in many a sleeping bag and dealing with the restriction of being able to roll over on your side would have to be one of the greatest benefits this bag offers among many others as I am a side sleeper. your not awaken at night by touching a cold zipper nor having a piece of Velcro touching your face or chin. The built in comforter is amazing as it makes you feel as though your sleeping in you own bed with a touch of the great outdoors. This bag will be my go to bag for my planned thru hike of the AT. Sierra Designs you knocked this one out of the park. Thank you, Will on Aug 24th 2015

    6. Customer Review

      I was skeptical when I first saw this, thinking "How much can a sleeping bag be improved?" After thinking about it, I realized that I never really sleep well in my mummy sleeping bags. I'm a side sleeper, switching from one side to the other a few times through the night, and I always get tangled up in mummy bags. The Backcountry Bed is the answer. It's just as light and warm as a mummy sleeping bag, but allows much more room for movement. I've never slept better while camping. The bag is very high quality, with no loose ends or sloppy stitching. I highly recommend this product! on Aug 17th 2015

    7. Customer Review

      Best sleeping bag I've ever used! I sleep on my stomach, that's how I'm the most comfortable. I also love the outdoors, and I always thought that the discomfort of sleeping in traditional sleeping bags was just part of the experience... that is until I found the Backcountry Bed! The zippers-less comforter is genius. I can cover myself up if the temps drop. However, I tend to sleep on the warm side. So having the ability to sleep uncovered, like I would at home, is amazing. One of my favorite features is the sleeping pad sleeve. Forget about chasing your sleeping pad around your tent! Complaints? Yes: why didn't someone come up with this sooner??? If you are wondering whether the extra $$$ is worth it or not, don't wonder any longer... IT IS! on Aug 7th 2015

    8. Customer Review

      Best nights sleep ever, thanks to the backcountry bed from SD! I'm a tornado when I'm sleeping. This bag allows me to move all over and not get tangled up in the bag. Its the closest thing to being at home in my bed. I love the blanket design, and the venting footbox! I wouldn't trade this sleeping bag for anything! All I can say is, "I LOVE IT!" on Jun 16th 2015

    9. Customer Review

      Got my Backcountry Bed in the mail awhile ago (sorry for the lateness of the review) and this coincided perfectly with my 9 yr. old wanting to go "hammock camping" the night after its arrival. So we found our spot (in the yard) and set up the hammocks we picked out to use. I was afraid that the Backcountry Bed may have not been an appropriate choice for a hammock (especially since it was going into the upper thirties that night). What I found was, that with a little ingenuity concerning padding / insulation , the Backcountry bed worked well for me (a side sleeper). I had no zippers to worry about and the foot box opening allowed me to maneuver just enough to be able to get into the Backcountry Bed before entering the hammock. I had one or two little cold spots during the night, but I attribute that to the idiosyncrasies of hammock camping. Overall so far, considering my odd use, an excellent (as usual) product. I will definitely be using it on the upcoming scouting adventures with my troop. Sincerely, Loyd V. Nease III on Feb 18th 2015

    10. Customer Review

      Such a great sleeping bag! I was apprehensive at first about trying the new design, but haven't regretted it once. Its super light, breaths well in the summer and was nice and cozy in the early spring while sleeping on a snowfield halfway up a 14er. on Oct 16th 2014

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